Soybean oil

Soybean oil, derived from soybeans, is a widely utilized vegetable oil known for its versatility in both food and non-food applications. Abundant in polyunsaturated fats, particularly omega-6 fatty acids, this oil is prized for its relatively high smoke point, making it excellent for deep frying. Its light hue is essential for baking applications, and its emulsifying properties make it suitable for creating mayonnaise and various condiments. Additionally, soybean oil serves as a key ingredient in processed foods, including snacks, margarine, and ready-to-eat meals. Beyond the usage in the food industry, it finds applications in the industrial sector, contributing to the production of lubricants, bio-based products like soaps, candles, cosmetics, and printing inks. Furthermore, soybean oil plays a role in the renewable energy sector as a feedstock for biodiesel production, fostering the development of sustainable energy sources. Leading global producers of soybean oil include the United States, Brazil, and Argentina.

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